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Wise & Gorgeous

Claire Wakeford & Tanya Grant

Tanya Grant and Claire Wakeford from Wise & Gorgeous

Imagine how it would be...

 if you felt PROUD of yourself again.

What if you were living your life the way you keep fantasising about?

(and it was just the natural way you do things now)

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if... 

 you knew WHY it’s been so hard to live the happy, healthy life you want, 

had a clear plan of how to cleverly outwit the things in life that trip you up, 

and can relax - because you'll wake up every day knowing exactly what you need to do with your food and fitness.

Time to break out of the same old rut of Stressing, Snacking and Self-Sabotage?

(You've wasted too much time doing that, right?)

You are clever and know that your intelligent approach 

is the thing that’s made you succeed at everything else, 

so time to make that work for YOU

(That’s not buttering you up – 

we just know from experience that you wouldn’t be here otherwise

... we also know that you probably beat yourself up about that)

You feel miserable about...

  • your tight jeans
  • your low mood 
  • the fact there seems too much to tackle to sort things out
  • sabotaging your own success 
  • repeatedly falling off the wagon 

... and ending up back at square one

Does it seem that the ‘young’ you is slipping away; 

everyone else seems to have things sorted 

and you’re not sure you have it in you to feel great again?

You’d LOVE to be energetic, eating healthier and fresher-looking 

but haven’t got the energy to even start, 

(even though you desperately want to).

You wake up each morning thinking 

“today’s the day I sort things out” 

and go to bed each night thinking: 

“I’ve failed again… another day wasted"

We are passionate coaches with over 40 years experience, 

with between us a UNIQUE combination of 

Professional disciplines, skills and experience

This means that YOU benefit from an extraordinary toolkit.

This finally gives women like you, who have tried and failed in the past – 

PERMANENT solutions.

We’ve done this long enough now - that we are CONFIDENT to say this.

We have worked closely with 1000s of people who want to feel better 

with their Mind, Mood, Body & Food.

We are excited to share with you the CONDENSED BRILLIANCE 

we have perfected over the (ahem…many) years, 


Things we do

....and ALL of them about making you LOOK and FEEL amazing.

When you work with us, you'll find out we are PASSIONATE, 

slightly OBSESSIVE about getting everything perfect for you 

and totally committed to everything we do.


(We don't think 'overdeliver' is an actual thing - 

but people say we do it a lot)


Whether you are taking that first step by joining our 

**wonderful FREE online community **

taking one of our online courses

or working intensively with us 1-2-1,

you'll discover just how FIERCELY committed and energetic we are 

to giving you CRAZY amounts of immediately implementable value.


Our stuff is little bit sexy, a little bit straight talking, definitely funny - 

but above all - an INTELLIGENT approach.

When you work with us; be prepared to do things thoroughly so YOU get permanent solutions.


You'll discover things about yourself. 

We'll make you feel proud, challenged and there'll be epiphanies!

And we'll look after you. (Like big sisters, apparently)


And by the time you have finished working with us - you are going to feel better.

That's what we know.

Whether it's a short course that gets you started, 

right up to our transfomational coaching -  

we guarantee that you will come out the other side in a much better place. 

With knowledge that will shape the rest of your life... 

in a really really good way.


That's the thing. 

We teach you the HOW and the WHY, not just the WHAT.


Our favourite thing is, (and it happens a lot) 

is when someone finishes a course with us - and never needs us ever again. 

Waves goodbye. 

"Tally-ho... I'm sorted."

We set a time limit on everything we do - so you get the job done.

 Solve the problems. 

Move you forward.


Together we Identify the struggle, unpick it - and solve it.  

This is our expertise.

It's simply all about YOU.

It's all about you

There is nothing that will shock us!

No problem too small to be important, 

(if it's important to you...it's important!)

nothing so insurmountable, 

that we don't know how to break down into 

manageable steps that get you where you want to be.


Our mantra is: 'baby steps get you there'

Nothing too scary. 

Nothing that makes you want to fall off the wagon 

and slip back to where you were. 

Steady progress adds up to something bigger than you thought possible.


It's all completely within your grasp

 We are going to show you

So here's what you do next


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