Club Gorgeous

Do you start each week with HEALTHY intentions?

You're going to eat healthy food and exercise every day? 

You'll plan your meals, research new menus, set goals 

- even make time to think about your life... right?

And by Friday...

it's all gone out the window and you're reaching for the take-away menu 

(and you still haven't got round to going for that run)

Don't worry - we totally understand.

This is the story of most women's weeks: busy, racing round and maxed out.

Stuck in a bit of a rut.

 We have listened hard to what women have told us they need

and YAY - we have the solution:


We KNOW you want to cook lovely fresh healthy food, that's quick to rustle up

We KNOW you want to try different meals, without trawling the internet for ideas

We KNOW that you want to do some quick and easy exercise every day

Little and often; simple and achievable.

With over 40 years of experience designing and delivering mindfulness, healthy eating and fitness programmes (both privately and within the NHS)

we know what REALLY works 

and in Club Gorgeous we've pared things down, to the delicious essentials

What do I get?...

  • 15 NEW healthy recipes each month; beautifully presented and easy to refer to
  • 4 BONUS Video recipes, with clear step-by-step instructions
  • A new 30 Day fitness challenge each month - with daily reminders
  • A monthly 'focus' - designed to help you look at the bigger picture of why you do the things you do, and help you work out how to do them in way that serves you better
  • The chance to connect with like minded women in our FB group: share your successes and get encouragement.
  • Access to our own simple to use members area, which tracks your progress (it even gives you certificates for staying on track!)
  • All your recipes are downloadable too - so you can build your own personal cookbook.
  • AND we give you the heads-up when each month's exciting content is waiting for you in the members area

* No obligation

* No Tie-In

* Opt out any time

Lets streamline the way you do things... 

we've done the thinking, so you can focus on feeling gorgeous!

Try a month on us absolutely free 

( £10 per month opt out at any time)

Here's a HEALTHY tasty treat from this months recipe collection...

Here's one of our recipes

Jammy Sandwich Flapjacks from Wise & Gorgeous on Vimeo.