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Wise and Gorgeous

HUMAN UPGRADE by Wise and Gorgeous 

Need to...

get clearer on life decisions?
keep focussed?
find your direction?
stop procrastinating?
feel more in control of your life?
feel less helpless
calm the chaos in your head?

W&G Membership
The Human Upgrade
will make that happen.

It's a course, a group and a vault of resources rolled into one.
With as much or as little accountability as you need.
With group or 121 coaching as you prefer.

It's the strangest time
and the perfect time.

People looking
at their lives with a new perspective.

That little voice that's been whispering in your ear
"I need to sort things out."

And it's started to shout.

Maybe you've tried all the things - that didn't quite stick
or New Years Resolutions that dissolved
(rather than resolved)

Lots of effort.
Not much reward.

You've tried hard.
But they didn't happen.
It just wasn't quite right.
Life got in the way.

Something like that?

You've told us what you wanted, and we created it.
A life-gets-in-the-way proof
No fail
New way to do things.

Human Upgrade Change

Human Upgrade is a learning platform, like a course
(but way more interesting and addictive)

WITH an exclusive group that's going to be your new home.

If you want:

  • To make fundamental, permanent improvements to your life
  • To feel happier, healthier, calmer, and more productive.
  • To do meaningful self-development that has clear purpose.
  • To learn vital new things you never expected, about the way you operate.
  • To drill down out exactly what you want in life.
  • Get it super-specific.
  • and gain a clear path on how to get there

It's for you.

We hold your hand and lead you step-by-step.

 W and G the sisterhood

We learned that pressure isn't helpful,
but support and encouragement IS.

Arse-kicking when you want it
Nurturing when you need it.

That is our expertise.
Getting you to where you want to be.

Treating you like the Human Adult that you are,

...and enjoying the ride.

Calming the overwhelm, showing you where to focus your attention.
Making the most of your energy and getting you more of it.

You get the blueprint.
A simple system for your life.

A daily commitment that can take minutes.
Or longer if you have bigger goals.

Your choice.

Whatever you choose - it works just as well.

The outcome?
You - living the life you've always wanted.
Even if you've never quite known what you want.
Feeling chilled, motivated, happy, and calm.

With a mind and body that you design.

Once you have your own, personal blueprint.
A simple system to follow.

You get access to the Vault.

The Vault

We have been bold and made ALL our other courses 'not for sale':

Our Challenges.
Training Series.

We have taken them off the internet shelves.

And included them in the Human Upgrade Vault.
Even the big ones.
At no extra charge.

Founder members will find them all there
for when they are needed.

For when the time is right.

Mind, Mood, Body & Food

With brand new stuff no-one has even seen yet for your Mind and Mood
Hypnosis resources to make things effortless.
AND a fantastic new fitness plan, from absolute beginners
to people who want to go HARD.

But first things first.
Together we find out what you need.
What you don't.
Make a plan.
Then we begin.

It's a choose your own adventure.
Get exactly what you need - but only when you need it.
Not wading through things that aren't for you.

Oh and did we mention its gamified...

Can you beat your Human Upgrade score from last week?
Cool, right?

Human Upgrade Elements

The doors are open for 7 days.
Those who sign up then become our founding members.
We will work closely with you, and find out how YOU use the Upgrade.

You will shape the experience for people to come.

Founder members will always pay the founders' price of £47pm.
And it will include everything (including optional group Zoom coaching.)
If you want it.

For founder members joining this week, there is NO minimum commitment.
When we reopen later in the year there will be a three-month commitment.

(Everything created for the group goes in the Vault
afterwards if groups aren't your thing)

This price won't ever change for you.

No hype - no 'pretend scarcity'
No upsell.
That's exactly what is going to happen.

Your life is about to change.
Ground Zero.

Life is too short to waste any more time.
If not now - when?

Welcome to The Human Upgrade.


Group option for Human Upgrade
  • Monthly Human Upgrade Membership
  • Full Access to W&G Transformation Vault
  • Membership of our private Accountability Sisterhood Community
  •  Early FREE access to all new W&G courses.  

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