Introduction to Mindfulness

Wouldn't it be wonderful if you felt in control of your 

worries and could enjoy life... 


Imagine feeling calmer, more focused - 

knowing instinctively how to take the wise approach 

...when the going gets tough. 

Wish you were one of those people - 

enjoying their moments...and their lives. 

What if you could cleverly sidestep life's pitfalls and avoid all the drama?  

But that isn't how it feels right now, for you.

We get that (we REALLY do) 

and we've got just the thing that's going to help. 

With over 40 years of experience designing and delivering mindfulness, healthy eating and fitness programmes (both privately and within the NHS) 

...we're excited to share with you just how brilliantly Mindfulness works if you're facing any of this:

  • Being stuck in a rut, perhaps feeling flat or even suffering from low mood. 
  • Often feeling frantic; caught up with worries and anxiety. 
  • Spending time worrying about the future, dwelling on things that have happened in the past - not quite connected to the here and now. 
  •  Life's feeling a bit flat at the moment...and you've run out of energy.

Or maybe you've simply heard about the benefits of Mindfulness and you want to learn more about how it can improve your life.

If that's the way you're feeling 

we're glad you found us

We are going to show you how to feel better

Imagine if you...

could think with clarity, felt calmer and more in control. 

knew how to manage those persistent thoughts that are 

driving you mad and knew where your 'off-switch' is (and could sleep properly). 

felt ready to take on new challenges and manage your current ones -

 with a spring in your step.

This is exactly how your life could look 

when we show you how to practice Mindfulness daily 

with this most straight-to-the-point, immediately usable introduction. 

Mindfulness is the current health and wellness 'buzzword' - and it's our expertise! 

We can't wait to teach you the skills and techniques you need,

 to make all those positive changes. 

Having trained in Mindfulness and delivered Mindfulness courses for over a decade

and spoken to so many people who want to know more,

We know that people have found that many Mindfuless courses we've online, can be very theoretical 

(meaning it's hard to work out how on you can actually apply this fabulous thing practically)

or too time consuming with weighty, dry-looking books to read... 

all a bit daunting to fit in with your busy life.

Here is a course that you can learn and implement quickly and simply - NOW

We've taken things back to basics and organised things so you don't waste time,

 clearly understand the important parts...

and can start to reap the benefits of feeling calmer and more in control - 

in the easiest, clearest way possible.

What people told us...