Back to Normal Mini-Course -
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Mini-Course Plus Workbook

£17 pre-sale price


A little course to make you feel much Calmer and more Confident as lockdown ends.

Get yours now at the pre-sale Early-Bird price, and we will ping it across to you on Sunday 11th

(which is when the price goes up to its normal £27)

7 Little Videos with 1 Big Idea in each.
Tiny actionable steps to feeling better - backed by science.

Our webinars and training sessions are usually only available inside of Human Upgrade - so this is a little rare peek behind the scenes!

Accompanying journal/workbook to help you make sense of the craziness and stride confidently into the Summer.

Courses will be sent by email from
Sunday 11th April 2020
(when the price goes up to £27).


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What Our Members Said About This Mini-Course...

This made so much sense to me.
I love that we get these monthly training videos - as well as ALL the other stuff - inside Human Upgrade and they never disappoint.
You always seem to know exactly what we need at exactly the right time


SO useful

There is so much value in this webinar I really encourage everyone to watch it. I love that it's broken down into steps too, that will make all the information even easier to digest. (And your workbooks are always brilliant!)