Embrace Equilibrium

Elite 121 Wellness
Coaching Programme

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They say you can't have it all.
We disagree.



How many of the following apply to you?

  • Difficulty Disconnecting:
    Do you struggle to switch off from work mode or find it challenging to unwind.
  • Work and Home Life Out of Balance:
    Long working and travel hours leaving you with little time for self-care and relaxation?
  • High Stress Levels?
    Pressure, deadlines, and expectations, elevating your stress and tension?
  • Habits Need an Overhaul?
    Sleep, food, exercise, and relaxation slipped - and taken 2nd place to work?
  • Decreased Vitality?
    Has being constantly on-the-go, without enough rest and recovery, led to fatigue and lower energy levels?
  • Personally Unfulfilled?
    Professionally successful, but there is little time or energy spare, for fun and 'non-work' passions.
  • Juggling Work & Relationships?
    Pulled in different directions at once? Feeling over-committed and undervalued?
  • Worried About Burnout?
    Does high-pressure and long working hours mean burnout feels a real risk for you?
  • Lack of Me-Time?
    Finding it difficult to allocate time for self-care and personal growth / reflection due to your schedule.
  • Alcohol/Substance Changes:
    Has once-necessary entertaining become unhelpfully habitual?
  • Collecting 'Niggles'?
    Time in front of screens, commuting and sitting in meetings has taken its toll.
    Back and joint pain is creeping in.


Our 121 Life & Wellness

coaching programme

restores your balance.

Achieving a balance between work and life, has never been more important.

The nature of today's competitive work landscape is more pressured than in living history.

Those in leadership are working harder and making tougher decisions than ever before.

According to Gallup (2023), people across all UK sectors are more stressed, anxious and physically less healthy, year on year.

But there is good news.
A shift is coming.

The government's ESG
(Environmental, Social, Governance) agenda is finally starting to roll out.

One of its major components is wellness and happiness in the workplace.

The incredible benefits that come from looking after people are being acknowledged.

The science is indisputable.
Taking control of your health and wellness means:

  • Burnout is avoided.
  • Time lost to stress & back pain plummets.
  • Working relationships flourish.
  • Higher quality work is produced.
  • Productivity increases.
  • Staff retention skyrockets.

Everything improves.
Life gets better.




Elite Coaching Programme

What's Included

Equilibrium is our Elite, tailored coaching package.

We always start with a conversation on Zoom with the 3 of us.

That conversation will help us learn what you want to achieve in our time together.
What you need most.
From there we tweak.
To give you more of what you need and less of what you don't.

The beauty is that it's built around you, for maximum progress in the quickest time.


  • Full day in person:
    neurological /physio /fitness /lifestyle assessments,
    health & fitness programming, goal setting, hypnotherapy, health MOT, BP/Blood screening.
  • Preparation is provided ahead of each session to maximise your time.
  • 8 Deep Dive Life, Health, and Wellness Coaching Sessions
    via Zoom with your coaches.
  • Post-session bespoke hypnosis and 'mind-priming' recordings
    (perfect for a train commute).
  • Motivational Recordings
    Private, personalised podcast-style audios recorded especially for you, to deepen the changework between each session.
  • Final wrap-up session with an action plan for you to take forward into your healthy new life.

2023 Price



About Us

Meet your Equilibrium coaches below.

Amy Linford

Amy Linford

Applied Movement Neurology, Fitness, Nutrition, Performance Coach

Amy was our UK Strongest Woman in 2020, and has also represented England in Hockey and Athletics.

Some highlights of her coaching career has seen her head up the fitness offering on luxury cruise liners, and be responsible for 19 Virgin Active clubs' fitness staff at one time.

When she took the helm she transformed VAs most poorly performing club into their highest performing, most profitable site.

She was part of 2012 Olympics GB physio team and currently looks after some of our European-level athletes.

With a fitness qualification level matched by just a handful of UK people - her rehab knowledge is remarkable.

But what sets her apart (if those things weren't enough) is her Ph.D. study in Applied Movement Neurology.

This cutting-edge diagnostic and treatment protocol slashes treatment time and gets people moving and free from pain fast.

Known in the industry as 'The Pain Whisperer' - if you have an injury or are recovering from illness... Amy's the expert you want on your team.

tanya grant

Tanya Grant

Hypnotherapy, Mindfulness, Fitness, Nutrition, Life Systems Specialist

Also a former UK champion, but Tanya's physical expertise (and obsession) is Dance and also fitness.
She trained countless champions herself and formerly ran the largest dance school on the South Coast.

Tanya trained as a hypnotherapist in 2003 and has undertaken Mindfulness Practitioner training.
Her popular audio course: Mindfulness for Humans has won critical acclaim.

"Most of the people who ask me for help with their fitness and health issues need hypnosis and Mindfulness.
Most of those coming for hypnosis and Mindfulness find they need my fitness and nutrition expertise!"

Tanya runs her clinical practice as well as the: Human Upgrade Life Coaching Programme with Amy.

Human Upgrade runs as an online membership, a corporate wellness package, a seminar, workshops, retreats and will shortly be a book too

The pair recently completed the Isle of Wight UltraMarathon and Hyrox Races together as well climbing a mountain and hiking the South Downs.

Coupled with Amy's vast expertise and experience, you have the perfect combination ready to get you feeling revitalised, rested and raring to go.

They have run events from small group retreats and large conferences featuring everything from; Tree Climbing, Confidence Building, Goal Setting, Paddle Boarding, Neutralising Overwhelm, Meditation, Mindfulness, Team Building, Yoga ... and Jive Dancing.

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You have questions?
We have answers.

Get in touch.

Amy: 07525435197
Tanya: 07927303491




Where is the Full-Day Coaching?

Typically we run this in Southampton.
There may be the possibility that we can come to you depending on where you are and at an additional fee.

How long do I have to take my sessions?

We will get dates in the diary when we chat, but the best timeline is weekly for each session, and to keep momentum not more than a fortnight apart. The whole course lasts for 12 weeks

What if I want to continue?

Many people do.
It may be that monthly check-ins or sessions might suit you, or just as it suits you.

What if I need to cancel a session?

We know life happens.
We will do our best to accommodate you at another time, and ask that you give us 24 hours notice if you need to make a change.

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