Gastric Band Audio Course

Unlock Your Permanent
Weight Loss Success

with Hypnosis

regular price £67


Gastric Band Hypnosis Private Audio Podcast Hypnosis Course.

This audio 'Virtual Gastric Band' Hypnosis programme is most suitable for those who want to drop 2+ dress sizes or more.

It is a pared-back version of our Video Gastric Band course: Hypno Reboot and includes all the essential audios.

It is safe for everyone - even if you just want to sharpen up those healthy habits.

What Happens

  • Sit back and listen to ONE of the 4 powerful Hypnosis sessions per week, over the next 28 days.
  • Top things up with the short daily audio homework (15min) recording on the days in between.

    And that's it

You'll notice positive changes from Day #1

Qualified and experienced Hypnotherapist, Tanya Grant trained in the official famous Virtual Gastric Band Protocol, with highly respected master trainer - Sheila Granger.

She is also a trained nutrition and fitness professional, with over 30 years of experience.

This programme covers exactly the same protocol IN FULL as the in-person format

PLUS fabulous (optional) bonus recordings for:

  • Ending Emotional Eating
  • Increasing Willpower
  • Mindful Eating
  • Feel Attractive & Confident
  • Calmness
  • Deep Sleep
  • Increased Focus

Attending Tanya's clinic in-person for 4 Virtual Gastric Band is priced at £500.

(next availability is July, get in touch for more details).

This super-affordable audio podcast version is available to everyone

for just £37 NOW.


Gastric Band Private Podcast

Gastric Band Hypnosis

  • Savings: Private Podcast Audio Course PLUS Bonuses
  • Get the whole course immediately

Price: £67

Hypno reboot boost

Or if you're ready for the whole course...

Hypno Reboot 28-Day Weight Loss Programme


Designed to be taken over 28 days.

You can also take it at your own pace
(it's all explained)

Start immediately,


  • Official Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis Video AND Audio Recordings.

  • Nutritionist-approved food education, recipes, advice, and planning.

  • Bonus cool stuff to make your goals even easier to reach.
  • Included audio podcast course.

    Hypno Reboot Full Course
    - £297

    Special Price: £97



What if it works TOO well... and I don't want to eat at all?


The suggestions are for you to choose 'appropriate' amounts, and to swap unhelpful snacking and cravings for healthy, nutritious food.


Is it scary?


Not even slightly. Hypnosis (certainly the way it is on these recordings) is relaxing, gentle and a really wonderful experience.


Can I listen while I do something else?


Not even slightly. You need to have your full attention on the course and not be responsible for other people, driving or operating machinery.


I don't really believe in hypnosis - can you convince me it will work?


Hypnosis is a state we are in every day, a dreamlike focus where time passes without you noticing. Have you ever been engrossed in a film or a book?
Or driven home and not noticed the journey?

Or that moment after you wake up in the morning, super comfy, but don't want to That's hypnosis.

In hypnosis, you are HIGHLY SUGGESTABLE to new ideas.

Gastric Band hypnosis takes you a little deeper and rewrites your sub programming around food so you are set up to succeed.


I don't have a podcast app - can I still use it?


Yes, it comes with links for Universal podcast players that you can use on any device. (In fact, it works best on the Google one)


What is a private podcast?


Just as it sounds - all the benefits of a podcast, but it's not available unless you sign up.

It's a super cool way to listen to/complete a programme like this - without the fuss of logging into anything or remembering where you left off.


Can I listen to it in bed at night?


You can definitely listen to the sleep one

(no one has ever stayed awake until the end), in bed.

The others are best earlier in the day... only so you don't fall asleep and miss out on the best bits.


Can I pass it on to someone else


No, sorry - it only works for one person - or it boots the other person off!
But let us know if you recommend it to someone else who signs up, and we'll send you something special to say thank you.


About those In-Person Sessions...


If you don't want to do this audio version and prefer to come to our home clinic we are in Highfield, Southampton (Near the Avenue)

We have great Motorway, Road, Rail, Coach and even Plane links

(Southampton airport is close by).

There is a waiting list at the moment until the end of July - get in touch if you want to talk about this below.


Is it just for women?


Hell no.
All persuasions, genders, orientations, shapes and sizes are warmly welcome.


What if I can only do some of it?


You are welcome to do parts and leave others,
but you won't get the full benefit.
You do need to listen to the 4 Gastric Band recordings and audio homework to feel the benefit.


Will it be fun?


And interesting too.


How long can I keep the recordings?


Even though the programme is a month-long, you have access to all the resources for a year, in case you want to review them or begin atat a later date)
If you think you need longer, please let us know before your year expires and we can help.


What if I love it and want to carry on?


I won't lie - we hope you do)
If you want to carry on, this and a ton of other programmes are included in Human Upgrade,

including lots of live events and classes, fitness, life coaching of all kinds and a whole lot more.
We will also refund your Gastric Band Hypnosis payment if you decide to join us for the year.

Human Upgrade info HERE

Q. What if I have a health issue?

A. If you're not sure if this is for you - drop me (Tanya) a message on WhatsApp on 07927303491 and we will work out if it is suitable.

It is very unusual for this NOT to be suitable, but I will let you know.

Q. Are the more details/testimonials about the Video version (Hypno Reboot) and the coaches?

A. Yes, there's lots on the Hypno Reboot page HERE.
To be fair, it's largely the same programme, with a few of the nutrition, goal setting and education-type parts trimmed off.

Q. I've got more questions...

Message me / Whatsapp 07927303491 or on Messenger HERE and I'll get back to you as soon as you can.


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