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Weight loss solutions from Human Upgrade

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Some Facts:

⅔ of UK adults are on a ‘diet’ MOST of the time.
The big slimming companies (the ones you go along to once a week to be weighed)
publish between 84% - 86% failure rate.

Success is measured in terms of people KEEPING the unwanted weight off.
Not losing and gaining the same stone over and over again.

Gyms can feel daunting.

If you have a higher BMI they can feel positively intimidating.
Often the experience seems undignified and uncaring.

That is unacceptable, and we are here to show you that becoming as healthy as possible, doesn't need to be that way.

We are passionate about helping you fall in love with healthy food.
Making activity and achievable exercise, fun - and part of your routine.
Not taking things away, but adding to your life.

Feeling back in control; with energy, hope, and a plan!
More than anything - getting you healthier than you thought possible..

We do that starting from the inside with the Gastric Band Hypnosis protocol™ and other powerful tools, and a kind but honest look at the way things are.

Then we help you set goals and coach you to achieve them.

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We are all different - and that's a beautiful thing.

Ahead of opening our weight management clinic, our plan is to unashamedly build a bank of success stories.
We know everyone needs different levels of support and commitment.

So here are 3 ways you can work with us, to begin your success story.
Spaces for CLARITY and IMMERSE are very limited and are suitable for you if you are ready to go all in.

4 week experience


This is the perfect kick-start.

Boost is for you if you find that you know WHAT to eat, but find that you keep going round in circles...

and ending up at square 1.

Maybe you have yo-yo dieted in the past – or started with great intentions, but haven’t managed to see things through.

You feel you eat in ways you later wish you hadn’t - as a reaction to stress, being overwhelmed – or even being bored.

Specially recorded hypnosis audios designed to change automatic responses and rewrite your sub-programming,

The positive changes you want to make become much less effort.

You will find you automatically approach food and exercise differently –
in a way that fits with your long-term goals.


  • Food Review
  • Quick-Start healthy-eating programme.
  • Hypnosis Powerhack
    recordings to your inbox
  • Safe & gentle exercise programme to boost your results;
    low-impact, joint-friendly & fun

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8-Week Experience


This is where we go deep.

Clarity is for you if you need more support and accountability.

The aim of the 8-week experience is to get crystal clear about food.

It takes the 4-week experience to the next level.

Importantly you get access to the Gastric Band Hypnosis™ system.

Once you have reprogrammed your habits and impulses - we are going to arm you with science and the personal touch.


  • Everything in Boost, plus;
  • 121 Coaching session in-person or via Zoom.
  • Complete Hypnotic Gastric Band™ protocol videos / audio training
  • Goal setting/habit building/problem-solving training.
  • Meal Planning guidance and personal advice.
  • Full Eating Education Programme.
  • Baseline and progress measuring..
  • Video Journalling Accountability 3 x weekly.
  • Exercise and activity programme.
  • Everything is delivered direct to your inbox.

or 2 payments of £297.50 message HERE to set that up
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Immerse 12 week experience


This is where we get personal.

Immerse is a commitment.
From us to you.
And of your time, energy and trust in us.

This is VIP level service, - so we can tailor everything specifically for your needs.

Focused attention, daily accountability, maximum progress.

We'll be spending lots of time together, and personally delivering your tailor-made experience.


  • Everything in Boost & Clarity, plus;
  • 121 in-person Gastric Band hypnosis sessions
  • 121 manual therapy/therapeutic massage for any injuries and niggles you come to us with.
  • Detailed blood analysis.
  • Weekly online coaching sessions throughout the programme.
  • Exclusive IMMERSE app with your personalised exercise and nutrition.
  • Body composition scales.
  • Time Management coaching to live life on your terms.
  • Nutrition plan personalised for you.
  • 12-week activity programme personalised for you
  • Daily check-ins and 'walkie-talkie' style communication - we're there for you when you need us.

or 3 payments of £399 - message HERE to set that up
4 spaces
pre-work begins 1st Aug
programme begins 16th Aug


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About Us

Amy Linford and Tanya Grant are your weight loss coaches for all 3 experiences.
HERE if you'd like to chat about your particular needs and we can set up a call.

amy linford

Amy Linford

Manual Biomechanics Therapist

"I'll keep you safe and feeling fantastic!"

Currently the reigning UK's Strongest Woman.

Having benefitted from a military education and representing England in several sports,

if help with discipline and fortitude is what you're looking for... you've come to the right place.

(Don't let that worry you - she's very nice, I promise)

From fitness director on luxury cruise ships to managing a group of top-end health clubs - Amy's fitness CV is impressive by any standards.

She ran and delivered the exclusive weight loss programme for David Lloyd health clubs.
Also co-writer of the University of Food series which you will get access to when you join us.

Known as 'The Pain Whisperer' her passion and genius for diagnosing and treating pain (when others can't) -
is what blows people away.

She advises physiotherapists and chiropractors,
and her own protocol 'The Linford Method' combines components of each, with therapeutic massage therapy.

Currently Amy's studying for a PhD. Neurological Physiotherapy, to deepen her understanding of the human body.

You will have personal access to a highly acclaimed expert in Amy - who can advise you on any fitness/body related questions

tanya grant

Tanya Grant

Group Fitness Expert
Hypnotherapy/Life Coaching

"I keep you motivated and raring to go!"

Her work in Life Coaching and Hypnotherapy, including the Hypnosis Gastric Band™ protocol,
means that she'll help you overcome the food-related issues that get in your way - from the inside out.

Tanya has a long background in pretty much everything fitness and is fully trained in the latest weight management and nutrition advice.

Having worked in the industry since 1991, there will be no issue she hasn't come across or have prior experience with.

Tanya has worked with Amy to design these unique weight loss programmes, combining expertise for your Body, your Mind and the way you eat.

She also is crazy about dance; having trained top-level dancers and instructors - and there's no doubt she will try to entice you for a bop at some point!