Happiness Secrets

Grab our 'Lesser-Known secrets to Happiness' Book

A little book, that you can read in one tea-break, with all our favourite secrets that we KNOW will make your life happier straight away.

What we cover...

  • Catch your children being good
  • Be a little bit Yeeehawwww
  • Try our 10 instant Happiness Hacks

Enjoy - it won't be here for long.

See you on the other side (the happy one)

Tanya Grant & Claire Wakeford from Wise & Gorgeous xxx

We are Tanya & Claire - Wise & Gorgeous. 

We have worked with 1000s women, over 25 years (each) to make them feel better; Mind, Mood, Body Food. 

Many women have told us about how their confidence can sometimes take a dive - and they want to have more FUN in their lives!  

We run events, courses, one-to-one coaching and therapy - and online programmes to bring you a great big helping of 'Wise Gorgeous' ...right where it is needed

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