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Want to try hypnosis now?
Here's a hypnotic session to help you feel really calm.

Make sure you are in a safe place to listen.

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Fed up with failing at diets?

That seriously sucks.
It's not your fault.

You need Virtual Gastric Band

The full official virtual gastric band programme
with lots of hints,
tips and success hacks -

30 Days - to change your life.

Why do some people succeed at weight loss and others don't?

It isn't the diet.
It isn't the information.
It isn't even your hormones.

It's all in your MIND

hypnosis mind

Hypno Reboot PRIMES your mind for success

Your new secret weapon; harnessing the power of Hypnosis, science, and expert knowledge.

Whether you want your jeans to fit better - or a complete health overhaul.

It works at a deeply fundamental level.

Whether you are ready to make lifestyle changes now, or soon -
Hypno Reboot lays deep foundations to set you up for lasting success.

Some Facts:

2/3 of UK adults are on a ‘diet’ MOST of the time.
2/5 of dieters give up in the first few weeks.

84% - 86% of Slimming Club goers fail at keeping their unwanted weight off-
and two years later 2/3rds have actually had s
ignificant weight GAIN.

*UCLA published research

The odds of success are against you.

It's time to stack them in your favour.

To be one of the success stories.Be

How many times have you tried to lose weight?
How many different diets?

The success/failure treadmill.
Beating yourself up/blaming yourself.
The diet yo-yo.

Einstein said: the definition of insanity is doing the same thing... and expecting different results.

Let's do something different.

Make your long-term goals become - simply the natural way you do things now.

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Hypno Reboot Lite comes with a money-back guarantee.
Complete the programme and don't feel the results.
Just let us know,
and we'll send your payment back - no hard feelings.

(We know you won't need that, but it's there for you)

100% refund pledge

Everything above for £197

Order Summary
Hypno Reboot

What people are saying...ng...

"Feeling good and already starting to see change!
Starting to see a little definition to the tummy too (under the top 😁) off out for a run in the woods, EL"

"I blame you Tanya for making me become someone who takes selfies.Honestly never thought in all my convent school days I would ever be caught doing that!! I'm a dress size smaller already and there's no stopping me. SW"

"What's changed? Some mornings I jump from my bed.Some mornings I have to drag my sorry arse from under the duvet to go for my walk. But every day I smile over a much better breakfast knowing I'm one step nearer my happy place x" D R-W

I feel more in control and I actually plan. I'm eating slower and consciously. Drinking more water, lemon and herbal teas . For the first time excited about what I am cooking. Feeling healthy and not hungry and I can see my shape changing. Thank you guys. Xxxx

I thought it would be like kapow - overnight change. But it's been like an easy ramp if that makes sense. Like my excuses have fallen away one-by-one. It's my mind that changed first I can honestly say that. I just look at things differently. It's really quite weird! I would honestly recommend it to everyone. A.H

"You are a witch. A good witch. But nevertheless a witch!! Love you, lady" <3 Mrs.J

"What i didn't expect was the education part. I learnt so much from your little videos. As you say - once you know this stuff there's no going back I will go back and watch again and honestly the hypnosis is so relaxing which is just what I needed." J.E

"I don't know if this is what you want but your snacks book has been the biggest game-changer. The audios just work and they are so lovely too. But I sorted the snacks and everything else seems to have magically fallen into place. I recommend you to everyone." E.K.

"My husband has lost more weight than me which is annoying! But seriously we are both steadily eating better and ever and we are walking together which is something I hadn't expected. We've got a target of the summer holidays when we've got BIG birthdays and at this rate we'll look better than we did in our 20's F.W

"I would recommend that people do the whole thing. I skipped through the 1st time because I wanted to get straight to the gastric hypnosis which definitely made changes from day 1 but when I went back and did the rest it set things in stone. I am a hypnosis convert now I really see how easy it makes things. D.R"

"I run courses myself and I have to commend you on the work you have put into this to make it so beautiful, simple and easy to follow. People don't see that background stuff - but this is such a high-quality resource and the wobbly bits don't wobble now Kudos to you both" C.Z." C/Z


How does it work?

Sit back and listen.

Absorb the powerful hypnotic suggestions.
Your subconscious mind makes changes to the way you naturally operate.

We add practical tips you might not have thought were important
but we know are crucial for making permanent changes.

We send you a 28 short emails designed to be opened each day over 4 weeks with a link to the day's resources - priming your mind for each day ahead.

You can go faster or slower as your schedule allows.

Your commitment is... simply to open it,
sit back and listen to the short audio/video.

Everything else is an invitation.
You are guided step-by-step.

We pared back our 121 programme, to the essence of what works best online.

You can listen/read/watch at a time to suit you.

You'll feel and notice positive changes from the first day.

You Get:

  • Complete Virtual Gastric Band hypnosis mind training system
  • Bonus Hypnotic Get into Shape Success Powerhack audio pack
  • Simple Science-Based Eating Education info, and recipe books (Vegan and non-Vegan)
  • Goal setting/habit building/obstacle-removal templates
  • Expert food planning and organisation hacks
  • Progress measuring
  • Bonus optional exercise workouts to boost your results (if that's your thang!)

This programme is designed to change your automatic responses and rewrite your subprogramming,
The positive changes you want to make become increasingly effortless.

KICKSTART your healthy goals, increase your willpower, bulletproof your determination.

You will automatically and permanently approach food and exercise differently,
so you are free to achieve everything you want to when the time is right.



Always ensure that it is safe for you to listen to deeply relaxing hypnotic recordings - obviously never whilst driving, operating machinery or being responsible for other people (i.e. children).
If in any doubt please check with your healthcare provider that it is safe for you to take part in home exercise (should you choose that part) and that audio hypnosis is appropriate for you.
Please make sure you are able to find a little time each day that you will be undisturbed in order to get the full benefit of the programme.
Our nutrition information is designed for people with standard dietary requirements.
It should be suitable for most people.
if you have allergies, intolerances etc, it will still be appropriate (science is science) - but please make sure you adjust accordingly - and ask us if you are unsure.

You receive your first email straight away and when you're ready for the next - you'll find it in your inbox.
Take the course at your own pace - one a day is ideal, but you can go faster or slower depending on your schedule.

We recommend that you space the Virtual Gastric Band recordings a week apart for maximum benefit.

The special price for everything is just


Order Summary
Hypno Reboot
What's inside Hypno Reboot list

About Us

Amy Linford and Tanya Grant are your weight loss coaches.
HERE if you have any questions about Hypno Reboot Lite.

amy linford

Amy Linford

Biomechanics Therapist and
Neurology Specialist Physiotherapist

"I'll keep you safe and feeling fantastic!"

2020 UK's Strongest Woman.

Having benefitted from a military education and representing England in several sports,

if help with discipline and fortitude is what you're looking for... you've come to the right place.

(Don't let that worry you - she's very nice, I promise)

From fitness director on luxury cruise ships to managing a group of top-end health clubs - Amy's fitness CV is impressive by any standards.

She ran and delivered the exclusive weight loss programme for David Lloyd health clubs.
Also co-writer of the University of Food series which you will get access to when you join us.

Known as 'The Pain Whisperer' her passion and genius for diagnosing and treating pain (when others can't) -
is what blows people away.

She advises physiotherapists and chiropractors,
and her own protocol 'The Linford Method' combines components of each, with therapeutic massage therapy.

Amy's currently studying for a Ph.D. Neurological Physiotherapy, to deepen her understanding of the human body.

You will have personal access to a highly acclaimed expert in Amy - who can advise you on any fitness/body-related questions. Just drop us a line.

tanya grant

Tanya Grant

Group Fitness Expert
Hypnotherapy/Life Coaching

"I keep you motivated and raring to go!"

Her work in Life Coaching and Hypnotherapy, including training the Hypnosis Gastric Band™ protocol,
means that she'll help you address the food-related issues that get in your way - from the inside out.

Tanya has a long background in pretty much everything fitness.
She is an elite-level group Instructor and fully trained at level 4 in the latest weight management and nutrition advice.

Having worked in the industry since 1991, there will be no issue she hasn't come across or had prior experience with.

Tanya has worked with Amy to design these unique weight loss programmes, combining expertise for your Body, your Mind and the way you eat.

She also is crazy about dance; having competed at a high level and trained top-level competitors and instructors.

She is qualified to teach most styles of dance.

There's no doubt she will try to entice you for a bop at some point if you meet her!