The Project

  Does life sometimes can get in the way and pull you in every direction at once? 

Want to supercharge to the happy, healthy, confident you?

  • Do you crave a regular healthy, happy lifestyle, that feels fun and instinctive?
  • Do you want feel full of energy, ready to take on the World?
  • Are you ready to unravel the overwhelm and manage your stress
  • Do you want to charge up your confidence and feel in control?
  • Want to get into great shape and easily fit regular exercise into your busy life?
  • Is your mind too busy and you'd love to learn how to slow it down?
  • Are you great at looking after everyone else, but out of the habit of looking after yourself?
  • Want to learn the secrets and science behind motivation - so that you never give up again?
  • Do you want to feel 'like you' again?
  • Need people in your corner - cheering you on with all of this?


Maybe... you are already on the right track and just want to supercharge everything

All too often you are...

  • Frustrated with yourself at the end of each day, that AGAIN you didn't eat the way you wanted to.
  • Exhausting yourself from worrying too much, and sometimes feel like it's too late for you to change things.
  • Stuck in a "no time to exercise at the moment" phase, that has gone on so long - it's become permanent.

In short - you've lost your Zing!

  •  Your body - fit strong and toned ...and exercise a daily habit you actually look forward to.
  • Your family healthy eating has become natural.
  •  An end to food confusion, denial or separate meals.
  • Feeling proud and confident in control of the way that you think and feel.
  • That sense of satisfaction knowing that YOU turned things around, with the energy to prove it!
in the mirror

We are Tanya Grant & Claire Wakeford and we run Wise & Gorgeous - Home of The Project.

We have over 40 years combined experience in crafting and delivering courses, classes, programmes and delivering professional coaching in all of our course subject areas

Experienced fitness, Mindfulness and Mental Health professionals, we work within the NHS, the Fitness Industry; in person and online specialising in women who feel they really have tried everything!

The Project is an online programme is like nothing else, packed with practical, step-by-step action that really does transform your Mind Mood Body food.

We show you the steps that get you where you want to be and teach you the skills to keep you there. 

We've love helping them to feel happy, in control and confident... and our success rate is EXTRAORDINARY.  

"The Project is absolutely life changing... up there with having kids! It will transform the way you live. 

I want to live this way for the rest of my life. Children should be taught to live this way in school. If you want to be healthy, happy and well informed - DO THE PROJECT"


"Feeling enlightened to how lovely life feels when you feel happier and in control... 

I am feeling much fitter, organised, calmer, happier, more confident and my self esteem and sense of self worth is much higher...  

I feel like I savour things, enjoy the moment and appreciate the little things in life much more... 

I really enjoyed the cooking and cooking things from scratch. Understanding foods and the effect on the body was good. 

 I think you two are amazing, you are helping so many people with your knowledge and enthusiasm. Keep it up.'' 


A hands-on experience that will change your life - if you let it!  

Awareness of me as a person and how I operate - things that used to go under the radar are now glaringly obvious.  

Be prepared for change - if you just go with it and do as Tanya and Claire ask - you'll benefit! ? Thank you it has been amazing. You two are inspirational xx  


Here's a course created with exactly you in mind

Wise & Gorgeous course - The Project

It takes most people 6 months to complete The Project.

You must be committed to spend 20-30 mins a day to make the magic happen.

Everything you need in a members only dedicated resources website, with: 

  • Workouts Yoga Mindfulness Training Meditations Hypnotherapy Relaxations Self Development 
  •  All in inspiring video, audio and written word.
  • Planners, in-built progress recording and workbooks - with us on hand to guide you through.  
  • LIVE question and answer sessions, group accountability.
  •  All the things WE know will keep YOU on track and succeeding.
  •  Join a very special private members community ... which is where lots of the magic happens.
  •  You make firm friends who will support you too.
  • Everything is easy to use, and broken down into manageable steps.

Whether you prefer watching, listening, downloading or reading...the course has it ALL.

Note: this course is designed to be taken using a laptop or desktop, can be accessed by phone


Get lifetime access to the course... and ALL the new content as it is added - included

 'Projectee' Sarah talks to you from her holiday

If you have wasted money in the past on quick fixes... that ended up making you feel worse than before

Then the time has come to decide if you're just... interested ... or committed to changing things permanently. 

This is a Step by Step easy to follow course with ninja tricks to keep you going!

Monthly Easy Payment

The Project: Platinum - Personal Coaching

BOOKING: 31st Jan - 7th Feb £2250 12 x instalments of £187.50

Includes access to and support from our online Project VIP Community, with:  

  • extra accountability
  • daily threads 
  • Office Hours' - your questions answered LIVE each weekday
  • extra Live training 
  • Module Feedback (Where you report back on the things we have asked you to do on each module - your feedback answered personally
  • Module Completion Certificates  

PLUS Workbooks, Recipes Books and our 'Project Gift Box' delivered to your door

  • Everything above plus 1-2-1 personal coaching over six months 

This option is best for people who prefer a tailored approach and 1-to-1 time to regularly receive online face-to-face support with the course leaders.  

Just 10 Spaces available - Enter your details below to enrol

The Project: Gold - Group Coaching

All The Project resources, in an online course format so that you can track your progress along the way. 

Includes access to and support from our online Project VIP Community, with:

  •  extra accountability
  • daily threads 
  • 'Office Hours' - your questions answered LIVE each weekday
  •  extra Live training 
  • Module Feedback (Where you report back on the things we have asked you to do on each module - your feedback answered (anonymously if you prefer) LIVE in the group.
  • Module Completion Certificates

Those paying the regular price for Gold will also recieve 2 BONUS hours 1-2-1 video coaching calls with Tanya & Claire *WORTH £200* to supercharge your progress.

  • PLUS Workbooks, Recipes Books and our 'Project Gift Box' delivered to your door

This option is best for people who enjoy more support and the camaraderie of working in a small group of like-minded people.  

EARLY BIRD: 31st Jan - 7th Feb £797 (12 monthly payments of £66.41) 

REGULAR PRICE: 8th - 14th Feb £1027 (12 monthly payments of £85.58)  

Enter your details below to enrol

The Project: Step by Step

All The Project online resources delivered to you over 24 Weeks to use at home to suit your schedule.

This option is best for people who are happiest working in a self-directed way.

Email support to get you up and running is included.  

 REGULAR PRICE: £247 (12 monthly payments of £20.58)  

Enter your details below to enrol  

  • We will send you link to a payment plan.
  • We will take some details from you.
  • We use those details to get everything in place this end.
  • You are guided through getting everything set up so you are good to go.
  • Everyone starts the course together once the doors are closed (18th Feb '18)

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What if I change my mind?

 If you have a change of heart for any reason in the first 14 days after taking a course place, you should contact us let us know immediately and we will cancel our arrangement - no hard feelings! 

We know that for women in particular, investing in yourself can be a difficult thing to justify in your mind. Your super-organised fresh food shopping and all-round better organisation - not to mention the investment in your health, will show you how, there is nothing to worry about! 

Many have found their weekly savings far outweighed what they paid for the course. (One recent Project Graduate replaced their weekday coffee stop with a healthy alternative from home..and saved the price of the course with that alone.)

2. What if I'm depressed and on medication?

We always have women working with us who are on long term medication for depression and they have had some of the most extraordinary results. The Project usually compliments your usual medication or talking therapies regime (e.g counselling/italk CBT) and Mindfulness is widely recommended by the NHS. 

The most important thing is to keep your Doctor informed and to work under their supervision when reducing your medication. If you have any doubts whatsoever - talk to your healthcare provider for guidance.

3. Exercise 'what if i can't'?

What if i have a condition that make it difficult'? There are many reasons people find it hard to exercise; from physical injury to long term conditions. Carrying a lot of extra extra weight can mean that you can't do everything from the start.

We have had many women take this course with some really challenging health issues. There is almost always a way through, and adjustments that can be made to suit you. You start from where you can each day. 

The fitness resources in the course build up slowly from a standing start... and are progressive, but if you need to stay with the earlier workouts or indeed step them up - we can work with you to make adjustments that work for you.

As always, consult your healthcare professional if you are in any doubt, and we would be pleased to answer their questions.

4. I'm in. When do we start?

We open the doors for booking late January 2018 - the course will start mid February

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