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The Project -Step By Step

Bookings close Tues 30th May

Starts Thurs 1st June 2017

£297 (including payment plan option)

Time till doors close:


Do you want to supercharge to the happy, healthy, confident you?  

Sometimes life can get in the way and pull you in every direction at once. 

  • Do you want to feel less tired and have skills to manage stress? 
  • Do you want your energy back?
  • Do you want to charge up your confident and feel in control?
  • You want to get fitter - and want to know where to start?
  • Is your mind always busy, and you'd love to learn how to slow it down?
  •  Are you out of the habit of looking after yourself?
  • Or maybe, you are already on the right track, and want to fine tune it all

We are Tanya Grant & Claire Wakeford and we run Wise & Gorgeous - Home of The Project.

We have over 40 years combined experience in crafting and delivering courses, classes, programmes and delivering professional coaching in all of our course subject areas

Experienced fitness, Mindfulness and mental health professionals, we work within the NHS, the Fitness Industry; in person and online specialising in women who feel - they really have tried everything!

The Project is online programme is like nothing else, packed with practical, step-by-step action that really does transform your Mind Mood Body food.

We show you the steps that get you where you want to be - and teach you the skills to keep you there. 

We've worked with women like you for the past 20+ years, who needed a better relationship with their bodies and their minds

We asked some people currently taking the course, to give us some unprompted, straight from the heart words for you. 

Here's Beth telling you how it's been, so far, for her.

You are in the right place to get it all sorted out

Here's a course created with exactly you in mind

It takes most people 6 months to complete The Project.

You must be committed to spend time everyday to make the magic happen.

Everything you need in a members only dedicated resources website, with: 

  • Workouts - yoga - guided runs - Dance 
  • Mindfulness Training and recorded daily practices
  •  Meditations - Hypnotherapy - Relaxations.
  • Self Development - all in inspiring video, audio and written word: Your Base Line, Confidence, Self Esteem, Declutering, Goals, Thoughts & Mood, 
  • Downlodable recipe book, weekly meal planners and nutrition guide
  • Downloadable Activity planners, in-built progress recording and workbook 
  • Everything is easy to use, and broken down into manageable steps.

Whether you prefer watching, listening, downloading or reading...the course has it ALL.

Note: this course is designed to be taken using a laptop or desktop.

This is a Step by Step easy to follow course with ninja tricks to keep you going!

Emails from us everyother day to guide you through keep you to track

Here's another current 'Projectee', Sarah:

So the time has come to decide if you're just...interested or committed and ready to take action - 

If you have wasted money in the past on quick fixes... that ended up making you feel worse than before?

Then the time has come to decide if you're just... interested ... or committed thange things permanently. 

The Project Step-By-Step: 

 Bookings Close Tues 30th May

Course Starts Thurs 1st June

24 Weeks of Project Resources delivered to your inbox just when you need them!

 >> Incredible Value at £297 <<

in 6 convenient instalments


Other versions of The Project will be available Autumn 2017

The Project Platinum (Fully Coached): 


Everything described, PLUS 121 coaching over six months: £2250

9 x instalments of £250

10 Spaces available

The Project - At Your Own Pace 

With Group Support Coaching


Next Intake September 2017

 £1100 (10 monthly payments of £110)

Next Intake September 2017

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What if I change my mind?

 If you have a change of heart for any reason in the first 14 days after taking a course place, you should contact us let us know immediately and we will cancel our arrangement - no hard feelings! 

We know that for women in particular, investing in yourself can be a difficult thing to justify in your mind. Your super-organised fresh food shopping and all-round better organisation - not to mention the investment in your health, will show you how that there nothing to worry about! 

Many have found their weekly savings far outweighed what they paid for the course. (One recent Project Graduate replaced their weekday coffee stop with a healthy alternative from home..and saved the price of the course with that alone.)

2. What if I'm depressed and on medication?

We always have women working with us who are on long term medication for depression and they have had some of the most extraordinary results. The Project usually compliments your usual medication or talking therapies regime (e.g counselling/italk CBT) and Mindfulness is widely recommended by the NHS. 

The most important thing is to keep your Doctor informed and to work under their supervision when reducing your medication. If you have any doubts whatsoever - talk to your healthcare provider for guidance.

3. Exercise 'what if i can't'?

What if i have a condition that make it difficult'? There are many reasons people find it hard to exercise; from physical injury to long term conditions. Carrying a lot of extra extra weight can mean that you can't do everything from the start.

We have had many women take this course with some really challenging health issues. There is almost always a way through, and adjustments that can be made to suit you. You start from where you can each day. 

The fitness resources in the course build up slowly from a standing start... and are progressive, but if you need to stay with the earlier workouts or indeed step them up - we can work with you to make adjustments that work for you.

As always, consult your healthcare professional if you are in any doubt, and we would be pleased to answer their questions.

What if I go on holiay?

The Project is deigned to change your habits through repetition, in any given 6 month period, there will be holidays, illnesses and times when it is harder to stay on track. The Running tracks and mindful practices are downloadable so that they can travel with you. And where ever you are you will be able to make good choices with the things you have learnt

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