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but while you’re here – we’ve collected together some of our USEFUL FREE STUFF
that we know is going to make you feel better;
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Got 5 Minutes to.. just BE?
Download this meditation to your phone
to use whenever you find yourself with 5 minutes spare to refocus
Precious stillness in a World of noise.


Fed up failing at diets?
No Willpower.  Tired of starting again.
Join us for our FREE, POWERFUL hour-long training which will make you rethink your relationship with food –
and has helped 100s of women break free from their Diet yo-yo misery.


Take our 5 Day Life Declutter Challenge
Streamline the way you do things; your mind, your body, your space, and your life.
A fun but purposeful challenge which tackles more than just cleaning out your cupboards;
it simply makes your life MUCH easier in 5 short, empowering daily lessons.


Crack your Chocolate Addiction
Light hearted but SUPER-EFFECTIVE free 20-minute training
full of hacks, science, and tips to help you
master those evening chocolate pangs that keep sabotaging your intentions.


10 Minute Powernap

Want to banish the mid-morning slump?  Some extra va-va-voom for the school run?
How about a quick livener before a night out?

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How Mindfulness is BRILLIANT for Busy Frazzled Mums
Watch our Webinar Replay

Tearing your hair out?
Here’s our  super simple but FIENDISHLY effective Mindfulness Tips
Enjoy x

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Easy Healthy Yummy – Recipe Book

Click >>> HERE <<< to download the recipes to keep and print.

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Little Guide to Getting into shape –  eBook

Some words to read when you have a spare few moments
FREE Quick Tips and the REAL truth
to get you started on the right foot
(especially if you are starting completely from scratch)


FREE 20 minute Morning Ritual
A little exercise to get the blood pumping
A little yoga for balance and energy
A little meditation to get your head in the game.
We challenge you to try it for a week – and see how life suddenly feels so much more doable!