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This is where you start feeling BETTER

and back in control of your life!

Where you are making great healthy choices and sticking with them.

(Without falling into the same old habits that you wish you could break free from.)

Together, let’s finally solve the issues you really want to sort out.

Making healthy changes in your life can be so frustrating.

Trying to make the right choices with so much confusing information around can all make you just want to give up or blame yourself.

All our courses are designed to get YOU real, actionable results. 

No waffle. No padding.

Straight to the point; we make things clear and give you a laser-focused plan. Solid, proven, battle-tested advice.

This is why we are unique:

We get to the heart of the matter; guiding you from the moment you begin – taking you from where you are now to where you want to be…   

                                                      We make you feel better; Mind Mood, Body, & Food

Our Courses:




Level Price  
The Project - at Your Own Pace £75.00 now and then £75.00 per Month for 8 more Months. Select
The Project: Platinum - Fully Coached £250.00 now and then £250.00 per Month for 8 more Months. Select
Introduction to Mindfulness Course £97.00 now. Select
Club Gorgeous £0.00 now and then £10.00 per Month. Select