Win at Life

Glad you're here.

Need to:

Feel happy & healthy?
Get clear on life decisions?
Stay focussed?
Find your direction?
End procrastination?
Feel more in control?
Calm the chaos?

You're in the right place.
Human Upgrade membership will help you do that.

Pressure doesn't help.
But support, encouragement,
and friendly kicks up the bum do (our speciality).

Accountability when you want it
Nurturing when you need it.
Getting you to where you want to be.

The outcome?
You - living the life you've always wanted.
Even if you've never quite known what you want.
Feeling chilled, motivated, happy, and calm.
With the mind, body, and life that you deserve.

The Membership that helps you Win at Life

Our aims are for YOU are to be Happy & Healthy.

That's our definition of winning at life.

If that's yours - we will do our very best to make it happen.

That's it.

Human Upgrade Vault

OK, but what exactly IS it?

It is a fun, slightly addictive, learning experience.

Things to listen to, videos to watch, and books to read.
(Really really good ones)

All arranged as bite-sized mini-courses.

WITH an exclusive group that's going to be your new home.

It helps you:

  • Make fundamental, permanent improvements to your life
  • Use your time better, and fit more stuff in that you enjoy
  • Get organised, make plans, and set goals.
  • Feel happier, healthier, calmer, and more productive.
  • Do meaningful self-development that has a clear purpose
    (not just wafty stuff
  • Learn about the way you operate, in ways you don't expect.
  • Drill down out exactly what you want in life.
  • Get fit, healthy - and eat better.
  • Know what you're doing - and what you are going to do next.

How does it work?

You've got some options.

  • Everyone starts with a course called The Essentials.
    This teaches you the system and makes you look at life in a fresh way.
    Each of the videos is just a few minutes long.
    But they will change your life.
  • Then you get access to our Human Upgrade Vault
    in an exclusive area of the Wise & Gorgeous website.
    You can choose the parts you want,
    and leave the parts you don't.
  • After that - it's a choose-your-own adventure.
    The system will show you exactly where you need
    to focus your attention each week.

This way, all your precious energy is laser-focused
so you get MORE of it, and you make the most progress.

We also do some extra challenges in our FB Sisterhood Group - and keep you accountable there.

There are daily nuggets of useful info if you just want to dip in (it's worth it for those alone) or you can dive deep when you've got the time.

n.b. The group is optional.
If groups aren't your thing, you don't miss out.
We bring you up to date with all the latest goings-on every Saturday anyway

If you want even more accountability, you might prefer face-to-face (online) with our VIP Human Upgrade coaching.

Here's what members have said:

HU Group membership logo

Group Membership

  • Full Access to W&G Transformation Vault
  • Membership of our private Accountability Sisterhood
  • Early FREE access to all new W&G courses.
  • Monthly Live Training
  • Weekly daytime 'Deep Work' sessions
  • Online get-togethers
  • Real-life meetups 2 x yearly
  • 3 x weekly group Q&A
  • Daily exclusive life-enhancing content
  • University of Food: game-changing healthy eating course
  • 20+ Private Podcast Courses
  • Fitness challenges from absolute beginner to fitness fan

Everything you need to sort your life out.

And us. In your corner. Big time.


  • 3 x weekly Live Zoom all ability 'Bootcamp' Fitness sessions each week HIIT, Tone and Yoga -
    to fast-track your fitness success
    (if that's your thing!)

    note: we take week-long Bootcamp breaks occasionally (Easter/Xmas/half terms) when it makes sense.


£450 yearly

VIP Membership

All membership benefits PLUS:

  • Quarterly 121 accountability deep dive VIP coaching days in-person (10am-4pm)
  • Personally tailored, health screening/therapy, mind-mapping, life coaching and planning.
  • Bespoke audio content
  • Ultimate accountability and fastest progress.
  • Limited spaces for those that mean business.
  • Coaching hotline

£2500 yearly


We've taken
everything off
our internet shelves.

You can only get our stuff inside the Membership.

  • Just some of what's inside

  • 100s of member only
    Private Podcasts
  • Full Length Audio Courses
  • Coaching sessions
  • Monthly Themed Focus
  • Webinars
    (self development on the go)

  • Mental Wellbeing
    Guided Meditations
    Binaural Entrainment
    Live Meditations

  • 12 Week fitness plan
    HIIT workouts
    Bootcamp workouts
    Dance Workouts
    Ballet Fitness
    Tabata Downloads
    Yoga and Pilates
    Stretch & Mobility
    Guided runs
    30 day 'on the fridge' challenges

  • Mini-Courses
    Neutralise Your Overwhelm
    Life Declutter
    Chill, Calm, & Under Control
    Deeper Sleep
    Conversations & Negotiations
    Bust Procrastination
    Habit Tracking
    Bust Your Procrastination

  • Longer Courses
    The Essentials: Our Life Coaching Course
    Time Mastery
    Mindfulness for Humans
    Mindfulness for the frazzled
  • Food
    University of Food - our exclusive healthy eating course
    Over 600 healthy recipes (videos/books/cards)

  • Declutter 28-Day plan
    Guest experts
    Webinar Training

    Body Confidence
  • Also fun stuff and meet ups if you like that kind of thing...
  • --------------

    You choose the parts you need.
    Leave the ones you don't.

    Tell us what you want to achieve -
    and we'll show you what to choose.
    How to plan.
    How to make sure you do it.
  • And we'll remind you...

HUMAN UPGRADE by Wise and Gorgeous 

Courses within Human Upgrade

Tanya Grant

Programme Director
Life Coaching
Fitness & Nutrition

The 'Mind' one

Qualified in Fitness, Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching and Nutrition - Tanya brings a unique perspective with her broad range of skills.

Tanya has a long background in pretty much everything group fitness and wellbeing.
She loves to create systems that help people easily learn new habits ...with an emphasis on fun.

She also provides the 'tech' behind the membership, as well as writing and presenting extensively on wellbeing.


Amy Linford

Neuro-Physio and Biomechanics Therapist

The 'Body' One

From fitness director on luxury cruise ships, to managing a group of top-end health clubs - Amy's fitness CV is impressive by any standards.

Known as 'The Pain Whisperer' her passion for diagnosing and treating pain - is what blows people away.

She's currently studying Neurological Physiotherapy at PHd level, to deepen her understanding of the human body.

Amy designed our fitness programme and is advisor for our University of Food series

Human Upgrade The Membership

You get the blueprint, a simple system for your life.
A daily commitment that can take minutes.
Or longer if you have bigger goals.

But first things first.
Together we find out what you need.
What you don't.
Make a plan.
Then we begin.

Oh and did we mention its gamified...

Can you beat your Human Upgrade score from last week?

Cool, right?

The W&G Membership Human Upgrade

Your life is about to change.
Ground Zero.

Life is too short to waste any more time.
If not now - when?

Welcome to your Human Upgrade.