I’ve finished the Essentials. What now?
Firstly – congratulations on making it this far. We really hope you enjoyed it and are starting to think about changes you want to make. Bask in your awesomeness.
Your next task is ongoing – from here.

Plan Your Power Cells

  • Something to Power Up
  • Something to Power Down
  • Something you Enjoy

    Every. Day.

Trust us – if you plan them IN ADVANCE and get them in the diary – they are way way more likely to happen.
And you’ll feel great – quicker.
Feel free to look in The Vault for ideas and resources for your Power Cells.

That’s your job for now.

Once you are scoring 21/21 (or as close as possible to that) consistently each week, you are going to feel fantastic and ready to take on more.
That’s when it’s great to look at your audits and see what areas need the most attention.Simply dive into the Vault and make a start there.
If everything feels a little overwhelming, and you haven’t done it yet (or haven’t for a while) The Overwhelm Challenge is a great place to start. Carve out an hour or two and by the end of it your head will be in much better shape to move forward from.It’s time worth spending >> https://wiseandgorgeous.com/module-1/nyo-5-days/

Weekly Reflection

For the future (and if you want to) when you add Weekly Reflection –
you can gauge what needs the most attention in your life at that time – and again, dive into The Vault to find what you need. Or ask us. If you have an issue that’s difficult to solve or you don’t know where to start – ask the group… you’ll get answers quickly. Quick link to some Vault Gems. If you…

Need more sleep?

Need more calm?

5-days to ‘Calm Chilled and in control’

(complete courses)
(complete courses)
https://wiseandgorgeous.com/module-6/5-day-hygge-challenge-get-cosy-yall/ 5 days to get all Danish – simplicity and calmness
(complete courses)

Reduce anxiety or low mood – stress and the blues

Want to get fitter

https://wiseandgorgeous.com/module-5/mindfulness-for-busy-frazzled-woman-mini-course/ scroll to how to actually enjoy exercise and nt slack off when you get there

Want to eat more healthily

University of Food – In Progress… check for updates

Need motivation

Need to stop eating crap

https://wiseandgorgeous.com/module-5/mindfulness-for-busy-frazzled-woman-mini-course/ – scroll to ‘how to stop putting crap in the trolley

Better relationships

Feel overwhelmed

https://wiseandgorgeous.com/module-1/time-audit-start-finding-already/. time mastery – start here and work through the units (find it in competed courses)

Self-esteem – confidence

(power down)
(power down)
(power down)
(complete courses)
https://wiseandgorgeous.com/module-5/mindfulness-for-busy-frazzled-woman-mini-course/ – scroll to ‘treat yourself with kindness and respect.
(complete courses)   You know there are lots more, right??? And more coming each month