We are at the point on Sunday

(About 6pm in fact) where the dread starts to set in.

Monday; the lurking horror-film baddie, sharpening its torture tools – ready to get you.
We’ve got a workshop on Wednesday teaching how to make the rest of 2021 Calm and Confident, with a focus on dealing with the relaxing of restrictions.
It’s almost like the real New Year.
Lots of people approach wellbeing and health with gentleness.

We come at it with a f^cking bazooka.

We’re going to blast everyone with 10 big ideas – that together will make people bulletproof. Even bazooka-proof.

But here’s a little one for you now.
Was going to be part of Idea #11 but it was getting too long…

It’s about:

?????? ??????

The energy expended:

  • Not saying the things you really mean.
  • Living the life you are not supposed to live.
  • Putting up with situations that you know aren’t OK.
  • Even if it’s ‘just for now’ (spoilers – just for now is always much longer than you could possibly imagine)
  • Keeping that stuff suppressed is exhausting.

It will wear you down and rear its head eventually…in a way you could have managed much more elegantly.

I promise.

  • Not telling the neighbours to turn down the music even though you haven’t slept again because of it.
  • Biting your lip when you are being disrespected.
  • Saying yes when you mean no.
  • Dropping everything to do extra work for your boss even though you’re maxed out already.
  • Passive-aggressively saying ‘I’ll just pick that up shall I?” rather than standing your ground.
  • Holding a grudge but not telling them why.
  • Finding yourself in a restaurant, watching a TV show, in a job, in a relationship…that in an ideal world – you wouldn’t choose.
  • Trying to second guess, getting it wrong and just keeping quiet.

Things Left Unsaid can make your life into a perpetual Monday dread.

The anxiety, the knot in your stomach.

The ‘not enjoying most of Sunday when you realise it’s almost over’ feeling – but for your whole life.
A heaviness that you can’t shake off.

So it’s an important one, and a workshop all of its own.

If you are going to be bold, speak up and live the life you deserve – I can teach you that stuff.

That’s the kind of thing we do in Human Upgrade…but for now – why not work out what those things are:

The things from years ago that you wish you said:
(Even if that has to be in a handwritten letter that you ritually burn whilst shouting it like a banshee, into the garden)
The things you haven’t said to your colleagues, to your partner, to your mother in law.
The notice you didn’t hand in.
The business idea you didn’t speak.
Just start to notice.
And without doing anything about it yet – imagine the positive things that could happen if you said them.
(I know your mind leapt straight to the negative ones)
No more Sunday 6pm dread.

Just the things you want to happen.
Can you imagine?