2020 has already gone down in history as stonkingly awful … and we are not even a month on.


Have you heard the forecast for 2021?

I didn’t want to break this to you – but it’s not looking good.


Here’s what’s on the cards:


1. There’s a new parasite that’s going to make all crops of wheat unfit for humans

2. A nuclear terrorist attack on Paris.

3. One of the big banks goes bust (financial catastrophe).

4. Solar flare makes the power go out around the world.

5. A European head of state gets assassinated and blames the wrong country… then it all kicks off.


I know.

And we thought 2020 was bad.

2020 would be like a (socially distanced) walk in the park.


Which of the 5 do you think is going to hit hardest?

No food?

No power?

No security?


There’s no point planning anything now because it’s all going to go wrong anyway.

Might as well finish Netflix, iPlayer… and just stay slightly drunk the whole time.

Fill your house with stuff you don’t need from Amazon and run up a load of debt.


Still want to play?


OK – here’s the game.

Imagine you are in January 2022 after the year no one would believe could happen.

You are one of the ones that made it.


Well done, by the way.


And you get a chance to hit a big red reset button.

Literally rewind everything to Jan 2021… and change what happens.

And the whole list above is scrubbed.

Like it never happened.


What you are left with, is social distancing continuing for a while.

Restrictions gradually lifting over the year as the vaccination programme rolls out.

People emerge from lockdown cautiously but somewhat gratefully.

With a renewed appreciation of each other.

The things they took for granted before, all feeling like special treats.


Wiser, more generous, more in awe of the people who really matter.

Less concerned with trivia and superficial nonsense.

Feeling gratitude for the life they have, their health and their loved ones.


The only thing you don’t get is a definite timescale – but it will happen.

The good thing about that is that you don’t need to stay boozed up and barricade yourself in the house.


You get to get some great stuff in place while the time passes.

Gently getting more exercise.

Working on regular bedtimes and deeper sleep.

Journalling maybe, starting a new hobby and setting goals.

Maybe clearing some deadwood of old habits, people and stuff in your life that you’ve been meaning to.

Catching up with friends online.


Using the time we do have left wisely –

because when everything does go back to normal

(which it inevitably will)

and our lives are full of the other stuff, we’ll be glad we did.


In the Human Upgrade, we are focussing on our ‘Vision’ for 2021.

How we want things to be, who we want to be – and how to get closer to our goals.


Given the short-term is a bit fluid at the moment, why not shift your focus a little bit – to the medium and long term?

And use this funny bit while we are waiting to get some kick-ass foundations laid.


Or don’t play and stay drunk, getting weird stuff in the post and watching Netflix.


Shift your focus and the things that happen will change.

They can’t not.


It’s up to you.

Want to play?

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