#1: Get that holiday attitude

So many of us fantasise all year our Summer Holiday, but why shouldn’t we get those holiday feels and sprinkle them throughout the year?
On holiday we tend to ‘go with the flow’, explore, linger over meals, play games, and have longer conversations.

While the routine of weekdays (work, school, activities etc) is, by its nature can be repetitive – it can be easy to fill the weekends with more of the same.

If you are spending your weekend ferrying children to and from activities, dashing to help out family members and going into battle with the crowds in town… then maybe it’s worth thinking about.

What can you delegate? (Does it have to be you?)
Where can you share the load? (Lifts rota?)
Where can you outsource? (Can things be delivered?)
Where can you say… sorry, I’m not free? (and maybe suggest someone else who might be?)

If the weekends start to feel like a whole different groundhog day – maybe it’s time to start getting ruthless with your well-deserved down/fun-time.

#2. Slay the Scary Sunday Monster

You know this one.
Sunday mid-morning, it starts to tap you on the shoulder, and whisper:. “Ahem – it’s Monday tomorrow…”
and BOOM there’s the downer on rest of the day.

It’s like losing a whole day to low-level anxiety.

If you a prone to a little Indiana Jones-style skidding under the Sunday night door at the last minute
(i.e. homework at the last minute, ironing the shirts for the week, pulling a late one to get that PowerPoint done),
negate it by blocking time out during the week to chip away.

Little pockets of time that would have lost to social media scrolling, non-essential (in my case – non Dr Who) TV, if blocked out in the diary – can be reclaimed to keep on top of the stuff that gobbles up your precious weekend.

Leaving you free for the funsies.

#3: Weekend Funsies

If there is one thing we at W&G want for you more than anything else, it is fun.
Real, memory-making, belly laughing, adrenaline-fuelled, awe-inducing, energising, relaxing, connecting, calm and peaceful, fun.

Whatever persuasion or combination of fun is most meaningful for you.
Or all of them.

The fact of the matter is, while you are going about life being amazing, and looking after everyone, spinning all the plates and getting things done – fun for YOU is often the thing that falls by the wayside.

We’d love you to plan your fun.

Make a wish list – from seeing friends, solo walks, massive expeditions or microadventures (see our blog on that HERE – we are passionate about microadventures)

Get them in the diary to turn them to reality.

It happens – if you plan for it to happen – otherwise a general ‘someday’ tends not to often arrive on its own.

With things in the diary to look forward to, and the mundane tasks chipped away at – you can have 52 holidays a year, and memories to lift your spirits in between.

As they say in The Netherlands – there’s no such thing as bad weather – only the wrong clothes, so don’t let the unpredictable U.K. climate (currently set to random) put you off.

Have a great weekend and come on over to the FREE Wise & Gorgeous: Inner Circle Facebook group to tell us all about your plans (and what you do).