You better read on then.

When I asked people yesterday what they were struggling with most at the moment – it was a landslide:

No Energy.
No Motivation.

And they go together.

If you have no energy, doing anything but the basics feels impossible.

“It’s too cold to go for a run,
the kids are doing my nut in
and it’s all I can do to make it to bedtime before I slump in front of the TV”

“It’s all very saying ‘get an early night’ but when am I going to have some child-free time?”

“I’m maxed out – there aren’t enough hours in the day.”

“I’ll get back to being healthy after Christmas, I’ve got too much on my plate”

“I start well, but I know after a few weeks I’m going to slack off – it’s just what I always do.”

“I know what I need to do, I’m tired and frankly can’t be arsed.”

It doesn’t have to be that way.
I promise you.

I want what I say next to stay with you –
because if it does
It will change your life.

If that’s you –
where you are going wrong is….

trying to ADULT.

Adulting is exhausting.

Living up to other people’s expectations.
Making sure everyone else is ok.


I want you to BABY yourself.
Literally treat yourself like a baby

(not like those weird pervy people on the internet)

What do we give our children,
from the day they are born?

? Fresh healthy food.

? Lots of activity and exercise.

? Fresh air every day.

? Not too much (if any) screen time.

? Friends to interact with.

? Stimulating things to do.

? Time to just play.

? Smiles, cuddles, laughter

? Warm baths and comfy clothes.

? We make sure their lives are full of positivity

? We quickly nip anything negative in the bud.

? We make sure they get enough sleep.

If they need things like doctor’s appointments or dental checks – we don’t put them off, we prioritise them.


In fact, when we have responsibilities,
we actually need them MORE.

This is the stuff that charges our batteries.

Makes us healthy and resilient.

Keeps us happy and worry-free.

It’s what makes us feel energised and motivated.

It sounds simple – because it is.

We really are just big complicated babies,
with fancier gadgets like cars and phones.

Have a look at my list.

Are you doing those things?
Where are you scoring low?

One in particular?

More than one?

All of them?

Before you decide that you have no energy

and no motivation to do anything about it.

Go back to basics.
Baby yourself.

Everyone can improve one or more from my list today.
Do them all for a week…

And I bet your energy and motivation sky rocket.


Try it.

Prove me wrong ?

(I’m not worried)