Ever had a ‘wobble’?

The kind where you wish you could be a little stronger, a little surer of yourself and your own ideas?
Here are the 13 things that Mentally Strong People do in Amy Morin’s book of the same name.
Reading this shows you just how overcoming these mean you can overcome what’s holding you back and live the life you dream of.
  • Mentally strong people replace self-pity with gratitude.
  • Mentally strong people hold onto their power and forgive others.
  • Mentally strong people are always ready to embrace change.
  • Mentally strong people don’t get distracted by things they can’t control.
  • Always wanting to please others doesn’t work, and being ready to sometimes displease makes you stronger.
  • Mentally strong people are not afraid of taking calculated risks.
  • Coming to terms with the past makes you stronger, but it takes concrete steps to do so.
  • Mentally strong people avoid repeating the same mistakes, and this requires self-discipline.
  • Mentally strong people don’t envy other people’s success but rather seek to collaborate with them.
  • Mentally strong people don’t give up easily, and they are self-compassionate about failure.
  • Mentally strong people are comfortable being alone and use meditation to become more resilient.
  • Many people have an entitlement mentality, but strong people concentrate on giving rather than taking.
  • Mentally strong people recognise that achievements take time and that progress isn’t always immediately apparent.
Are there any you could work on (or need help with) today?

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