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Welcome to Immerse

Before we begin, it is important that we (and you) know how you currently spend your time.

Collecting this data often shows us how it can be spent more efficiently, and we can see where the work we do can fit into your life.

If your time management is something that could benefit from a tune-up, we have lots of help available for that.

Data Spreadsheet:

To keep everything together (and so it updates in real-time for all of us) you will have received your own personal spreadsheet to update your info in.

Doing it this way means that if you need to review anything – it’s all to hand and you can look back at what’s happened and the actions you/we have to take.

Let us know if you can’t find it and we will ping it across to you in our WhatsApp chat gain.

NOTE: We have added a tab to the spreadsheet entitled

Coaching call notes to the spreadsheet – so we can keep track of/look back on the actions and things we have talked about.

On Your Marks, Get Set, Go

We will have sent you the list below as an outline of what we are going to do together.

This may be slightly different as we personalise things for you – but is useful as a general guide to the things we aim to have achieved before we begin.

Time Audit

Watch the video below.

Using the Time Audit tab on your google sheet we’d like you to make a note of how you are currently spending your time.

This will give us the information we need to start putting together you own personalised ‘Ideal Week’.

We recommend a minimum of 2/3 days – but the longer you do it – obviously, the richer the information.

Mind Audit

Watch the Video Below as a prompt for your mind audit.

Use the Google Sheet Tab marked time audit to record what comes up for you.
We have included the most common themes in the audit for simplicity – but if something important comes up for you that doesn’t appear – make a note so we can talk about it in our coaching calls.

Food Audit

Watch the video below

In much the same way as your Time Audit – we would like you to record what you currently eat in the google sheet.

Please don’t feel the need to change anything… yet!
We are getting an idea of where you are now, so we can make a plan that will work – moving forward.

There is no judgement.
(We just need to know what we are working with!).

Food Info

Before we get into the nuts and bolts of your particular food plan (and look at your current food audits)

We need you to take some time to watch the following three short videos, to let the information start marinading in your mind!

We don’t need you to act on this information at all yet – but knowledge is power, right? You may find yourself wanting to implement some changes right away – in which case , awesome – go right ahead.


Macronutrients are, as you may know – the three main classifications of food types.

(Micronutrients are things like Vitamins and Minerals, but we are focussing on Macronutrients for our purposes, to begin with.)

When we work out what to eat, the perfect ratio of macronutrients for your goals – will be our main focus.

The exact numbers will vary from person to person, depending on your lifestyle, your weight and any dietary requirements you have.

Your completed blood test will also inform any special food that would be particularly useful to you.

Let’s look at them in detail…

1. Protein

2. Fats

3. Carbohydrates

4. Virtual Gastric Band (VGB) Guidelines

5. Audio Homework

Listen each day for the first 28 days

Alternative Version (shorter) by Sheila Granger

Bridge Model

A super simple example of how to set an issue out.
Bear in mind that your current situation won’t always correlate with your ideal situation – and will become more focussed as you move on.


Below are some recipes for you to browse to kick things off.
There will be others.

These are the ones we use within our membership too – so there is other food-based information within it.

Don’t worry too much about the other stuff –
the plan we make will be bespoke for you,
we just wanted to to have a look as some recipes to start us off.

If you head down to the recipes, books & videos – you can start thinking about some ideas that you might like.

If some of these appeal – we can include them (along with a much easier way to generate a shopping list and calculate amounts of macros in each… in a little while).

Be aware that we will be aiming to choose – or amend – recipes to suit your goals and the particular body shape and type you have.

For example, a recipe that contains more carbohydrates than we are aiming for (but you like the look of), we can work together to amend to make it right for you.

Or maybe there is an ingredient that doesn’t grab you – that we can think of others to replace it with that you prefer.

In this way, together;

  • we can come up with a plan that you like,
  • which works for what you need
  • but most importantly that you get practice amending recipes you fancy in the future

(far more fun and less restrictive than any diet)


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Using the Recipes (Spreadsheet Download)

Watch below:

DOWNLOAD spreadsheet (and make your copy)